Monday, December 11, 2023

Hareem Shah Most Controversial Moments

A new video of Tik Tok star Hareem Shah has gone viral in which his lip is swollen in a very strange way on one side. She also holding a baby in arms most of people think that baby belongs to Hareem shah but who knows the real fact.

In this video, which was circulated on social media on January 29, the left part of the lip is very swollen and hanging, and Hareem Shah said that this happened due to not completing the filler surgery.

Hareem Shah blamed the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) order to freeze bank accounts. She said that she wanted lip fillers and went to a specialist in London for the surgery.

During this process, she learned from a call from Pakistan that the FIA ​​had issued orders to freeze her bank accounts, causing her to worry and leave the surgery unfinished.She said he left the surgery unfinished after learning about the accounts because he knew how expensive the procedure was.

It should be noted that in early January, a video of Hareem Shah went viral in which she was in a room with thousands of pounds and she claimed to have brought the huge foreign currency from Pakistan to the UK, but she was caught by someone.

She had shared the viral videos on her Instagram and Snack Videos account, in which she claimed to have moved from Pakistan to UK with thousands of pounds but nobody stopped her.

After the aforementioned videos of Hareem Shah went viral, the FIA ​​had announced a money laundering investigation against him.

After which Tik Tokkar released his explanatory video and said that he actually made the video made with thousands of pounds as a joke, that money was not his and he is not involved in any kind of money laundering.

FI’s cyber crime branch also started investigation against Hareem Shah for defamation of country and state institutions.

FIA Cyber ​​Crime Sindh Chief Imran Riaz had said in his tweets and Instagram post that the Federal Investigation Agency has taken notice of the second video of Hareem Shah confessing to money laundering in the video and then making fun of this video. .

According to Imran Riaz, Hareem Shah was issued a notice and asked to answer, while a case of defaming Pakistan and state institutions was registered against him and investigation was started.



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