Monday, December 11, 2023

Hiba Bukhari trolls for her black saree

The video of showbiz industry actresses Haba Bukhari and Aryaz Ahmed went viral on social media.

Actress Haba Bukhari shared videos and photos with husband Aryaz Ahmed on the photo and video sharing app Instagram, which can be seen in a cheerful mood in Australia.

Haba Bukhari shared photos and said in caption that this is a video of last year
Leading actress Haba Bukhari has strongly criticized her marital life and false news broadcasting companies, saying that spreading false information is yellow journalism.The actress shared a video of a TV channel’s self -news report on Instagram, making baseless claims about her marital life.

The TV channel report reported the actress’s recent interview.The report said that Habba Bukhari recently revealed that he once complained to his father over the phone that the husband washed all the walls, clothes and utensils of the house.



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