Monday, December 11, 2023

Hira Mani faces criticism after she shared her bold pictures

Hira Salman,often credited as Hira Mani is a very big name in the Pakistani showbiz industry and she often remains in limelight because of her bold statements and adapting new fashion style.
Recently,Hira Mani made a very sensitive statement about Dua Zehra case and It caused her a lot of trouble as she made a very big statement about her.People were criticising Hira Mani a lot and she was badly trolled for her statement about the case.

Another video of Hira Mani is going viral on internet from one of her concerts in abroad.For those who don’t know,Hira Mani is also a singer and she was recently doing a concert in which she is getting like zero response from the audience.People started making memes on her but It is very wrong to do this infront of a crowd,It demotivates a person a lot.

Hira Mani often posts her beautiful pictures on her social media handles with over 7 million followers and she is praised a lot for her beauty and talent.She recently posted a picture of herself in which she is wearing a loose white shirt and her throat is deep enough from the back which is giving an alluring look.After that,Hira Mani received lots of hate comments as the keyboard warriors could not stop themselves from sabotaging anyone.

A fan commented that ‘The craze of body exposure is increasing day by day in Pakistan’.Another fan shared their views by commenting that ‘Everyone has this fame time, when a star comes out with an innocent face to different poses of the body’.Lets have a look at the pictures.

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