Monday, December 11, 2023

Hira Mani Most Eye-catching Moment With Children

Hira mani was already a celebrity figure before she joined the acting world. Married to the comedian, Mani, people loved the Hira as the couple paraded around TV shows, radio shows, and events. And then, fairly recently, Hira started acting as well.

At first, she would get supporting roles such as in the drama Yaqeen Ka Safar. Or the one in Aangan. But she told the audience, she is perfect for acting and she has the talent to be the lead. So from then on, she started getting shows as the protagonist in Do Bol, Galati, and Kashf.

Now that she is a very loved actress with 4.7 million followers on Instagram, she is more public than ever before. So when she posted a photoshoot on her son’s birthday, she attracted a lot of attention. In that picture, she was seen with her son. The background was decorated with fairy lights around the son’s childhood pictures. And on this birthday, she was found kissing her son on the lips.

All hell broke loose in the name of ethics and Islam on Twitter. People called this scene vulgar, unethical, and even a Jewish conspiracy. They even presented a hypothetical situation; they said, what if it was a father kissing his daughter.

Hira Mani of the most gorgeous and attractive lady in Pakistan drama industry. She loves to remain in news headlines from her interesting statements. She has now under lots of criticism after posting story regarding King Khan son issue let see what she does.

Pakistani actress Hira Mani has expressed happiness over the bail granted to Aryan Khan arrested in a drug case.

Actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan’s bail application was granted by the Mumbai High Court on October 28, after which Aryan was released from jail on October 30, about a month later.

Aryan Khan, arrested in a particular case, was released from jail about a month later
In such a situation, actress Hira Mani posted a story on Instagram expressing her love for Shah Rukh and his son Aryan.

Congratulating in the post, Hira wrote, “My lovely baby has come out, thank you very much.”

When Hira Mani’s story went viral on social media, she was criticized by a large number of users, while the fans of the actress supported her and responded to the critics.

Hira Mani later posted another story and wrote on Aryan’s release from prison that loud applause because the king has come out. “We are fans and will live to die,” he added.



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