Monday, December 11, 2023

Imran Khan’s ex wife Reham Khan tied knot for third time

Reham khan’s wedding has become the most discussed topic on social media , especially on twitter. Yes you guessed it right. Reham Khan has fallen in love again.

She is ex wife of the Pakistan’s ex prime minister Imran Khan. But their relationship did not last long so they decided to part their ways right after 10-11 months of their marriage.

After their separation, we saw some tweets by Reham Khan against Imran Khan. And we also saw that how people trolled them. But the ex- couple emerged out to be more strong than ever.

Reham Khan posted some beautiful pictures with her husband and loved the way how she admitted “Love has no age”. It can be felt in any age and in any way. People/ tv actors wished them nothing but the best and also congratulated them for their life ahead.

The new couple in town is getting love and warm wishes by fans and people out there. Reham Khan no doubt is trolled alot but loved the way how she chose happiness and her choice rather than people’s baseless talks and rumours.

We can learn most important lesson from her life. That no matter what life throws at us, and no matter how many times our relationships failed. Its never too late to start something all over again.

Reham Khan’s latest pictures with her fiance are going viral on internet.So lets take a look at the pictures of Reham Khan with her soulmate Bilal Mirza.It should be noted that it is the third marriage of Reham Khan with Bilal Mirza.Her first marriage was with Ijaz Rehman,they both tied the knot in year 1993 but later on separated in 2005.

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