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Imran Nazir Beautiful Memories With Amber Hafeez

Imran Nazair one of the biggest hiiter of Pakistan cricket team. He was the member of Pakistan 2007 and 2012 world cup squad. He tied knot with beautiful wife Amber Hafeez in 2009 now he is living happy life. He has three beautiful kids.

On a bright winter morning, Imran Nazir and I sit at the National Cricket Academy next to Gaddafi Stadium. Imran Nazir is wearing a Lahore Qalandars T-shirt on the occasion of the hugely popular Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Just as the sun shines after a storm, so does the presence of a former Pakistani batsman sitting casually in a plastic chair with the front of the black cape on the back and the shoulders bent, radiating positive energy. But just five years ago, such flexibility would have seemed unimaginable to them.

“I couldn’t use my hands,” he says. I was unable to bend my fingers completely, they were stiff. But now I am sitting in front of you practicing playing cricket. ‘

“I have been away from the field for the last five years,” he added. I wanted to come to the field but then I thought that if I went to the field I would see other people playing there besides myself, which is an unbearable feeling.

At an early age, Imran, a talented under-19 player, made his way to the national team on the occasion of the 1999 Asian Test Championship. The former Pakistan opener scored a career-best 160 against Zimbabwe in the 2007 World Cup. However, he had to struggle a lot for consistency in performance.

He played some impressive innings in ODIs in Sharjah and Australia, but few people remember his magical six on Shane Watson’s hair and how he made it to the World T20 Super Eight stage. Paved the way for Pakistan. Very few people will know about their fight against arthritis and its aftermath.

Arthritis may seem like a cruel decision to this young man, but Imran has a strong self-confidence based on strong religious beliefs.

He says, “It was all written by God and I thank the Lord of the universe for keeping me happy even in difficult times.” I spent those 5 years happily and happily. I have never been disappointed. A young man from a village can also reach the Pakistan team and gain fame, if I can achieve this goal by working hard then if I work hard again then my return to cricket is still not impossible ۔ ‘

The disease began in 2013 with a wrist pain while playing in Dubai. “I didn’t pay much attention to it, because it hurts to move around,” he said. ) Referred to the medical panel. “It simply came to our notice then.

Imran’s career-best score of 160 against Zimbabwe in the 2007 World Cup

Imran Nazir played some impressive innings in ODIs in Sharjah and Australia

As the days and weeks passed, the pain spread throughout the body. There was pain in every joint of my body. I could not stand or lie down, it was difficult for me to sleep. Imran believes that if one has strong faith, he should always be ready to fight difficulties. “You have to be strong when you are in trouble. No one can imagine what I went through. ”

Wherever Imran went, he would see doctors. “I knew in that look that there was no cure. Some people told me to go to the sages and spiritual healers. I tried everything. ”

Doctors and friends told me I might never play cricket again. He advised me that I should now pursue a career in coaching or training. But as a player, Imran had no intention of going back and forth in the line.

“It’s wrong, I’ll play, I’ll play. It was stubbornness in me. ”

After doing his own research, Imran decided to go to the United States for treatment. But luck had something else in store. Through a friend, he met a Pakistani-American rheumatologist who was a fan of his and had come to Pakistan. At that time, seeing Imran’s protruding stomach, the doctor asked him about his health.

The doctor told me that you don’t have to go to America, but what if America itself came to you? I was shocked. “Give me 9 to 10 months, after which you will be ready to play cricket again,” he said.

“I was asked to undergo physiotherapy. I then underwent stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy. Gradually, after undergoing PRP for the first time and stem cell therapy for the first time, by the grace of God, I began to realize that the destination was probably not too far away.

Before talking about the second phase of treatment, Imran fell silent, took a deep breath, and continued talking. “I couldn’t do much. I couldn’t even pick up a cup of tea until it was impossible for me to wash my face in the morning. That was my situation. ”

“But slowly I felt like life was taking over me again. About 6 to 7 months after the second to third phase of treatment, the doctor said, “Rest for a week, then start walking, running and playing your cricket.” I said okay.

A week later, Imran returned to the field. “I started walking slowly and I started holding the bat in my hands. I felt like I was having a dream. ”Imran’s voice is now full of excitement and his face is wide open as he speaks.



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