Sunday, December 10, 2023

Imran Riaz Khan Most Beautiful Photos With Wife

Imran Riaz Khan is a famous Pakistani anchor , journalist , and TV Show host . Anchor Imran Raiz Khan biography , age , wife , family , Wikipedia , and YouTube channel details . He is known for his videos on YouTube on current issues in Pakistan .

Imran Riaz Khan is a famous pakistani Journalist, anchor and host. He makes video on YouTube channel on current issues in pakistan and hosting in Samaa Tv. He has huge fan following. His fans wants o know about Imran Riaz Khan biography, age, education, net worth, family and other interesting facts. He is very talented person. Let’s have a look Imran Riaz Khan Biography and other details.

Anchor and YouTuber Imran Riaz Khan has finally reacted to rumors about his relation with Farah Khan alias Farah Gogi.

Rumors are doing the rounds on social media and WhatsApp groups that Farah Gogi’s sister Shaista is the wife of Imran Riaz Khan.

After the anchor came across the speculation online, he reacted jokingly ,saying the rumor could start a “world war” in his house.

Imran Riaz Khan shared two Twitter posts to clarify that Farah Gogi is not his sister-in-law.Meanwhile, Farah Gogi, a friend of Bushra Bibi, is facing some serious allegations of corruption.She is accused of accumulating a large fortune through illegal means.



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