Monday, December 11, 2023

Iqra Aziz withdraws her ongoing project with Feroze Khan

Feroze Khan is now in a hot tub after his wife accused him of domestic violence with a proof.Her scar’s pictures went viral on internet but Feroze Khan clearly denied this through his Instagram story.He said that he will take an action against whoever has spreaded these pictures.

Feroze Khan’s reputation in the Pakistani showbiz industry is partially diminished after his divorce with wife Alyzeh Sultan.Even his co actors and companions are expressing out their views of working with Feroze Khan in any project.

His co actress Dania Enwer in the ongoing drama serial Habs said that ‘It was very unpleasant and derogatory experience of working with Feroze Khan’.She also said that her last shoot day was the most painful to deal with.

Ushna Shah who also worked opposite to Feroze Khan in Habs had also unfollowed him from her Instagram handle and she tweeted in support of Alyzeh Sultan and her kids.On the other hand, Feroze Khan wants to take care of children. For now, the court has let him see his children twice a month as long as he gives the court his ID card and passport.

The known and popular Pakistani actress Iqra Aziz directly said that she has withdrawn her project of working with Feroze Khan in an Instagram post as a sign of protest against domestic violence.

Many other celebrities and actors of Pakistani showbiz industry also tweeted about this scenario and in the support of Alyzeh Sultan.Meanwhile,Alyzeh is not seen active on her Instagram handle after she announced her separation with Feroze Khan through judicial separation.

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