Monday, December 11, 2023

Kanwal Aftab and Zulqarnain Lambasted for their recent viral car video

The most famous TikTok star with a huge fan following Kanwal Aftab recently tied the know with Zulqarnain who is in the same profession line.They both are now expecting their first baby as well.The couple became talk of the town after their lavishing wedding ceremony.

Apart from making TikTok videos,the couple uploads daily life vlogs on youtube as well and get views in millions.A couple of days ago,Zulqarnain posted a video with title ‘Travelling with pregnant wife is not easy?’.Basically they were travelling to Gujrat and Kanwal faced a mood swing as she was suffering from nausea and was not feeling well.

After that,Kanwal Aftab took to the social media platform Instagram to update her fans about her health.She said ‘We both are not well’. Further she asked her fans to pray for their speedy recovery.

Their wedding took place in early april last year and It became the talk of town.Beside creating TikTok and youtube videos,Kanwal Aftab also works for a private web channel and do news coverage and various interviews.

After Zulqarnain posted that video in which Kanwal’s health was not alright because she is expecting,They got lot of criticism and hate comments.According to people,they can do anything for the sake of money and recognition.One said Chichora to Zulqarnain.Another person passed their comment saying that ‘They don’t know that person cannot travel in pregnancy,Even their parents are not refusing them from travelling’.

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