Monday, December 11, 2023

Kiran Ashfaq takes off his husband name and pics from her instagram handle

Rumours are being spreaded about the separation between Imran Ashraf and Kiran Ashraf as her wife has removed his name,photos and everything else from her instagram account.

Kiran has removed her husband’s surname from instagram and it changed from Kiran Ahstaf to Kiran Ashafque Hussain Dar.In addition to that,Kiran has also removed all the pics of her husband and everything related to him from her instagram handle.

The rumours started to feel true after Kiran Dar posted a sad story saying that ‘Never get attached to some because attachment lead towards expectations and expectations towards disappointment’.

RECENT:Kiran Ashraf has posted another story on her instagram captioned as ‘My friends went ahead of me,while I was left behind and alone in the love’.

Imran Ashraf is a known actor of Showbiz Industry of Pakistan and has a huge fan following.He always maintains a good reputation in terms of his career and this recent topic could demolish his projects it it turns out to be something wrong.

Imran Ashraf tied the knot with Kiran Dar in 2018 and now it seems like that they both are separating their ways from each other.Tho there is no official statement or confirmation from both sides as Imran is still silent and has not confessed anything on this matter.

Kiran Ashraf is also a popular director and writer, Kiran is also included in showbiz industry as she has done modelling for many famous brands and has entertained people in some drama serials also.

We will update you about this topic right after there is an official statement from any side.Do not forget to follow us on Facebook for more information and updates from all over Pakistan.





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