Monday, December 11, 2023

Laila Zuberi beautiful pics with her daughters

Laila Zubari is a Pakistani television actress who has worked in many Pakistani dramas and movies.She is 62 years old and has 2 daughters.Recently,Laila Zuberi shared adorable pics with her daughters on her social media handles and their names are Tania Zuberi and Kiran Zuberi.She is married to her cousin Tariq Zuberi.

Laila Zuberi has reportedly stopped working in the showbiz industry because she is busy in handling her family.She enjoys the company with her two daughters and her family.Her daughters are completely the copy of their mother and looks exactly the same as her.Their faces are very similar to each other.It can be seen in the pics that the trio is smiling.

Laila Zubari has won several awards for her excellence performance.Including the Pakistan excellency award in 2019 and several more.Tho the actress is in the old age now but she looks completely astonishing and beautiful even in this age.She looks young and fit.
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