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Leading 90’s actress Sahiba Afzal’s most proudest moment of her life

Sahiba Afzal is the daughter of famous late actress Nisho.Sahiba Afzal is the most gorgeous and beautiful television actress of Pakistan showbiz industry.She has also worked in some film and movies.

Sahiba Afzal left the showbiz industry after marrying her husband Afzal aka John Rambo.She immediately stopped to perform in drama serials or movies after tying knot with him.The couple has been blessed with two sons now.

Sahiba Afzal was a leading actress in 90’s and she started her career by playing in a movie Ishq Sada Rehnay Do which was released in 1992.She got much prominence after her role in this movie and later on she was also offered some new projects in the same year.This shows that she was a brilliant actress of her time.

Education does not see the age of the person,It only watches the hard work and dedication a person has towards education.Sahiba Afzal and John Rambo have recently shared their proudest moment of life.Their son Jan Rambo is finally graduated and the family seem very happy together in the pics.

Sahiba Afzal recently shared the pictures of her son graduating and holding a degree.She captioned the post as ‘This is beginning of another journey of your life as you have made us beautifully proud.As your mother,I promise that I will always be there for you in the three places.She further on wished Happy Graduation to her son.

Seeing your offspring achieving new heights in terms of education is a dream of all Parents.Almost every parent wait for this proud moment for their whole life and It is our responsibility to make them walk with their heads up.The couple has aimed to be away from Showbiz Industry and make their boys successful in life.We wish all the best to the family for further life.






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