Monday, December 11, 2023

Madeha Naqvi disburse beautiful time with lifeline Faisal Subzwari and Zaaer, trio snapped in Karachi

Faisal Subzwari and Madiha Naqvi are acknowledged as the executive and successor people in their respective fields. If we discuss related to Madiha’s professions, then she is a well-known news anchor and journalist. And she has also been working an early morning information show at ARY News for the past many years. And there is no hesitation about it, people enjoy her program with greatly attention and devotion.

On the other side, Faisal Subzwari is also known one of the important part of Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan (MQM-P) party. He always hoist his voice in favor of Karachi and discuss on people’s issues to the big people. In March 2021, he was elected as a pary of the Senate of Pakistan, Sindh.

Several people do not know that this is Faisal Subzwari’s second tidings with news anchor Madeha Naqvi. He also has daughters from his first wife. But the best news is that after wedding new girl Madeha Naqvi, now Faisal Subzwari has blessed a son. And both of them have mindfully named their son Zaaer Subzwari. But here we also make it pellucid to you that this is Madeha Naqvi’s 2nd marriage but she has no babies from her first husband.

Many fans do not know this riveting facr about this leader that Faisal Subzwari is very keen on reading, writing, and speaking poetry. And he unquestionably takes time out of his busy life to orchestrate such functions. And he has a troupe of many of ‘poetry sentences’ in his mind, which he shares from time to time on his social media hanle.

Don’t forget to mention this in the comments box. Did you people hitherto know that this is Faisal Subzwari’s second marriage with news anchor Madeha Naqvi? Right down your keenness words in comments section. Thanks for the reading.



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