Monday, December 11, 2023

Mathira looking extremely stunning in her recent photographs

Mathira always remains in the limelight because she is very independent.Mathira never steps back from her bold statements against anyone who is doing something wrong.Recently,Mathira gave her statement on Hania Ammir’s dancing video in which the song included the name of Ali.

She also talked about the future generation in her recent podcast.Mathira said that our future generation is going towards the wrong path.They are destroying their future just for the sake of some pleasure;Mathira added.

Mathira is considered as one of the bold models from Pakistan.She has recently gained a lot of recognition and fame.Her pictures always draw a lot of attention.

Mathira is looking so astonishing in her recent pictures by wearing a figure-hugging dress in these pictures. And she looks stunning in it. The dress accentuates her curves and makes her look even hotter.

No matter what she is wearing,everything suits her and enhance her look to the top and its no wonder that she is one of the top celebrities of Pakistan.

Lets take a look at some scintillating pictures of Mathira which she posted recently.

If we talk about the age of Mathira,then she is 30 years old.Mathira was born on Feb 25 1992 and she was married to Farhan J Mirza from 2012 to 2018.She also has a son named Aahil Rizvi.

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