Monday, December 11, 2023

Mawra Hocane performing Umrah with her mother

Mawra hocane- the actress known for her amazing work in industry whether its bollywood or lollywood. She has completed her degree – LLB from well known university of London.

Recently we saw an interview where Mawra was explaning the struggles she has done to get in bollywood as we saw in the movie – SANAM TERI KASAM. we also saw how she completed her degree being an actress as the pressure of camera was always on her.

Its her journey From coming in ads to movies. She is inspiration for women out there. It all needs courage and the will power if a lady wants to do something, all she needs is these two things.

Recently, Mawra performed Umrah with her mother. Such a proud moment for her mother and ofcourse for her. All the expenses are done by this strong Gorgeous lady.

All these things are enough to prove that Mawra is not just an amazing actress but also a Good daughter and A good human being. Because in todays world when someone get success they do not chant the name of Almighty Allah. But Mawra proved them wrong.

May this umrah proves to be the most blessed for her. Almighty Allah for sure will complete the unsaid prayers for her and her mother.

Mawra and Urwa hocane resemble alot with her mother. And it seems like they are raised by well mannered mom. We have never seen them talking rubbish infront of Camera and interview.
A month ago they were also seen in Nida Yasir’s morning show and it is the most watched episode of her. As audience loves to see these two sisters on camera.

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