Monday, December 11, 2023

Maya Ali get viral for her cloth

Maya Ali, a renowned actress of the showbiz industry, shared new photos on photos and video -sharing app Instagram in which she can be seen in traditional dresses.

Maya Ali, the leading actress of the Pakistan showbiz industry, is one of the actresses of showbiz who has worked in film, drama and commercials, actress Maya Ali is also active on ‘Instagram’ and sharing her photos and video with fans.

In a video shared by Maya Ali, the actress can be seen dancing on a famous Bollywood song “Tal Tal”.The actress shared these photos a few hours ago, which has seen thousands of fans and is expressing her opinion.
Maya said that she has always wanted to play a strong girl because it is very important to show the girls in the society who are strong and do not start crying at everything. That is why the special thing about ‘this’ is that her role is that of a very strong girl.

Maya said, “There should be all things in a drama in which laughing joy because a human life is something like that.”

He further explained, “In this play, the contradictions of the society did not hit the contradictions, but they were beautifully highlighted. Because the role of Kaniz Fatima has come from outside Pakistan. There is a cultural difference between it. What is not a big deal for less is a big deal for the locals here. ‘



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