Monday, December 11, 2023

Minal khan shares beautiful pictures with her son

Actress Minal Khan has announced that she is expected to be born first.Minal Khan and actor and model Ahsan Mohsin Ikram were associated with the marriage on September 10, 2021.The two were engaged on June 12, after which their wedding ceremony began.

Like his sister Aiman Khan, the wedding celebrations of Manal Khan continued for several days, with photos and videos that went viral for several days on social media.

Now two years after marriage, she is expected to have a first child and confirmed the actress in her social media post.Actor Muneeb Butt and his wife Ayman Khan have been born, named ‘Miral Khan’.

Aiman Khan and Manib Butt were married in November 2018, while on August 30, 2019, they had the first daughter named Amal.
Aiman Khan’s sister -in -law Manal Khan shared a post on social media platform Instagram and announced that Ayman and Muneeb Butt had a second daughter.



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