Monday, December 11, 2023

Moammar Rana’s eldest daughter Rea Rana engagement pictures

Rea Rana is the eldest daughter of Pakistani film actor and producer Moammar Rana.Rea Rana recently got engaged by organising a stunned event in Lahore.The engagement pictures suddenly got viral on internet and fans just cannot get over Rea Rana’s engagement look.

Rea Rana is looking like a barbie doll in her heavy embroidered suit on her big day and all social media users are congratulating her.
Rea Rana’s boy is looking well educated by his look and he is also very much handsome.They both are undoubtedly making a perfect couple with each other.Meanwhile Rea Rana’s fiance is still unknown to people as he has no connection with the Showbiz Industry but netizens are speculating that he could be Moammar Rana’s family relative.

For those who don’t know,Rea Rana is a social media influencer and she is a beautician.Rea often gives makeup reviews on her Instagram account which has got over 190k followers on it.Other than that,Rana also prefers to give makeup tutorial with a remembering experience.

The wedding was attended by only close family relatives and some of the Lollywood celebrities were also spotted there.Their engagement pictures are being circulated on internet by Rea Rana’s fans.

If we talk about the age of gorgeous Rea Rana then she is 23 years old,born on 30th june in 1999.The veteran actor Moammar Rana exchanged rings with Mehnaaz Pervaiz in 1998.Their other younger daughter is Raneya Pervaiz.Lets have a look at some astonishing pictures of Moammar Rana’s daughter Rea Rana right from her engagement with a handsome guy.Dont forget to tell us about your views on their engagement pictures.

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