Monday, December 11, 2023

Model Alyzeh Gabol and husband Zoraiz Malik blessed with a new born baby

Alyzeh Gabol,a famous and gorgeous actress from Pakistani showbiz industry made headlines after tying the knot with Zoraiz Malik who is the grandson of Malik Riaz.
Recently,Zoraiz Malik announced that they both are expecting their first baby.It should be noted that the marriage of Zoraiz Malik and Alyzeh Gabol was disturbed because of Zoraiz’s mother as she alleged Alyzeh Gabol of alluring things because she was also trapped,It was not her fault.

After her mother in law made the things difficult for his wife Alyzeh,Zoraiz Malik posted a story on his instagram handle captioning it as ‘My mother has made things extremely difficult for me and whatever is happening with my wife Alyzeh.I think whatsoever is happening in my life is none of anyone’s concern.We are expecting a baby soon and It does not need my mother’s help,It only needs me’.

It seems like the couple suffered a lot after her mother’s statement about alyzeh.For those who don’t know,It was the second marriage of both the partners,Alyzeh and Zoraiz.

But now, Congratulations messages are in order as the couple is blessed with a baby.Zoraiz taking to his Instagram story shared a cute photo of kissing his new born baby on forehead.Have a look at the picture shared by Zoraiz Malik on his instagram account.

Earlier last year, Alyzey Gabol tied the knot with Malik in an intimate ceremony in Dubai. After months of their marriage, Zoraiz Malik’s mother claimed that the couple had parted ways as she shared divorce deed on her Instagram but later Zoraiz Malik denies all the fake rumours being spreaded about his divorce with wife Alyzeh Gabol.

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