Monday, December 11, 2023

Momina Iqbal ,a new model .

Actress Momina Iqbal says she is among the showbiz personalities in her place without any contract and background in the showbiz.Momina Iqbal recently attended a private TV channel show, during which host Momin Saqib asked him about the difficulties he faced during his career, in response to which Momina Iqbal said that when he was in showbiz.

At the time, no relative of his relative was in showbiz, which is why he had to make it difficult to make his place in the showbiz industry.If I got a supportive character, the senior wanted me not to be ready.

According to the actress, at the beginning of the career, the question arises as to why it came first. Why come in career why a common girl is being given the lead roles, if I got a supportive role, the senior wanted me not to be ready first, as well as their scenes were recorded before my senses, At the beginning of this field, senior actresses did not like to be newcomers.

The actress said that this situation is in every sector, in any field you have to face difficulties in the beginning but then soon you make a place in this sector, I did the same problem and I was not afraid. Then it is in Allah’s hands to honor, when the love of honor and fans, I thought that I have to work now.



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