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Most Attacking Cricket Saeed Anwar Sad Life Story

The life story of famous Pakistani cricketer Muhammad Yousuf is very interesting. He was the first Christian to do so and after a long career in cricket he suddenly became a Muslim after which he is still a world model for many.

In a recent interview, he said that one of the main reasons for his conversion to Islam was Saeed Anwar. Saeed Anwar was also living a good life in cricket but when his daughter died due to sudden illness he joined Tablighi Jamaat and spent his life in the way of Allah and started preaching.

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Muhammad Yusuf said that he was very impressed with the life of Saeed Anwar and this is one of the reasons why my mind was also inclined towards Islam and finally I accepted Islam.

Saeed Anwar used to be the most dangerous opening batsman in the world of cricket in the 90’s. Against all the teams in the world, in all the grounds, he washed every bowler openly. As soon as Wasim Akram took over the captaincy in the 90’s, our team got addicted to match-fixing. The team must include 4 to 6 players at all times who are in constant contact with the Buckeyes.

In the 1999 World Cup, captained by Wasim Akram, the Pakistani team was a heart favorite, beating all in league matches to reach the final where it faced Australia. Gambling was played all over the world on this match and Pakistan was declared the favorite by all the bookies. Indian player Raheel Dravid was specially invited for the commentary of the final which declared Pakistan as the favorite before the start of the match.

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The whole atmosphere was created. When the Pakistani team came to bat, opener Saeed Anwar was playing in his traditional style. Then, after a few overs, he suddenly started moving his bat grip up and down. After playing a couple of balls, he pointed to the pavilion and then the twelfth player came to him with a new bat. On the next ball, Saeed Anwar got out playing an unnecessary short.

Then our team lined up and we lost this final after a one-sided contest. It is said that the key players of the team including Saeed Anwar made crores of rupees from this match. Then something happened that after a short while Saeed Anwar’s six year old daughter was afflicted with a contagious disease and within a few weeks that innocent girl fell in love with Allah. Saeed Anwar was devastated by the sudden death of his daughter. He became severely depressed and even attempted suicide one and a half times.

Then one of his friends took him to the Tablighi Markaz one Friday night. Saeed Anwar spent the night there and after many days he got peace of mind.

That night Saeed Anwar’s body changed and he asked Allah for forgiveness of his sins and devoted himself completely to preaching. Saeed Anwar also attracted his close friends including Thaqleen Mushtaq, Mushtaq Ahmed, Inzamam and Waqar Younis towards religion and thus kept small beards in our team, the number of players praying increased.

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In those days Junaid Jamshed was also losing in every way and his heart also started beating with music. He met Saeed Anwar through a mutual friend and then Junaid Jamshed’s body also returned.

On the occasion of Hajj this year, Junaid Jamshed and Saeed Anwar were in the same camp in Mecca, when Saeed Anwar came to Junaid Jamshed and told him that in December he was going to Chitral for Nussrah of Tablighi Jamaat and he should take Junaid Jamshed with him. Will do Junaid Jamshed was a very sophisticated person who never did. He became a supporter.

Junaid Jamshed was martyred on his return from the journey. The sudden death of an innocent 6-year-old girl changed the lives of so many people. Losses and tragedies in life also bring with them some great reward which can only be seen by those who have the power of consciousness. This message was seen by Saeed Anwar, the same message was also received by Junaid Jamshed. These blessings are given to the lucky ones.

If someone gets grief of children, he becomes the chosen servant of Allah. Someone got all the blessings but he still kept feeding his children haraam and kept humiliating them. Honor and disgrace, success and failure, greatness and inferiority, all these have been placed within your reach by Allah. Now it is up to you to choose for yourself honor, success and greatness or failure, disgrace and humiliation.




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