Monday, December 11, 2023

Muneeb used to call me sister-Aiman Muneeb reveales

Pakistani actress Aiman Khan recently confessed in an interview that her present husband used to call her sister in the past.

An interview of Aiman Khan,often credited as Aiman Muneeb is going viral on internet in which she answered some of the personal life related questions asked by host Samina Pirzada.

Aiman Muneed was asked about how she and Muneeb got close together.She replied that ‘Me and Muneeb first met on a shoot of our telefilm and we have not had a contract since that time’.
I was not mature at that time but me and muneeb became very close friends of each other for pretty long period of time before we tied the knot;Aiman added.

Aiman also stated that ‘Muneeb used to call me sister infront of her mother at that time when we were close friends.He had told her mother that I am like his sister’.

On the other hand, actress Aiman Khan’s husband Muneeb Butt has revealed in a web interview that he was proposed by his wife Aiman Khan.

Actor Muneeb Butt said that Aiman now does not accept that she liked and proposed me earlier.She kicked off our relationship in the start.

Muneeb Butt also said that her relationship with Aiman Khan helped her a lot mentally as he was going through a very difficult time.

Muneeb Butt was not confirmed in the start about Aiman’s decision and he asked Aiman if it was for real or in a sarcastic way to which Aiman replied by saying that ‘If you wish,we can proceed’.

Now Aiman and Muneeb’s couple is one of the best from Pakistan.Their couple looks so beautiful and we wish them blessings for their upcoming life.



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