Monday, December 11, 2023

Public irates over the rise in divorce cases

The divorce scenario in Pakistan and other Eastern countries is increasing rapidly and there is no any statement or control over this by the government or any other authority. Two people separate the ways because of lack of mutual understanding and the advancement of the modern society and independence. Their thoughts suddenly change, choices suddenly change and most importantly they could not understand each other’s career.
According to reports Lahore,Pakistan there has been 500 cases registerd against divorce in the past 10 days and these statistics are only of Lahore and there is no confirmation about other cities. The most cases were of love marriage and mostly women filed divorce against their husband.
There are many celebrities now who have divorced legally and some have given no confirmation about it like Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir have given no confirmation about their divorce but they have unfollowed each other on Instagram and they are not seen in quite a long time.Ahad Raza Mir was not even seen in Sajal Ali’s sister wedding.Even tho Sajal has unfollowed Ahad’s mother from instagram.
Not only Sajal Aly and Raza Mir but the rumours are now spreading about Kiran Ashfaq and Imran Ashraf as his wife has removed his name and photos from instagram account and she is posting sad stories on Instagram is there is no confirmation from Imran Ashraf till now.

By keeping the scenario in sight,people are becoming angry over the youngsters who marry without their financial stability and not knowing each other well. They insist their parents to marry them with their love and end up with regret in their hearts. Marriage is the other name of sacrifice people have to sacrifice their choices,their happiness and mostly everything to keep the connection alive for life. The relationship of marriage is like two tires going on with each other equally,no discrimination.
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