Monday, December 11, 2023

Saad ur Rehman AKA Ducky Bhai and Aroob Jatoi’s honeymoon clicks leave fans breathless

Saad ur Rehman, popularly known as Ducky Bhai, is one of the many people in Pakistan who have become overnight sensations thanks to the beginning of the digital era. Gone are the days when people had to appear on television to achieve celebrity status in Pakistan and around the world. The digital age has overtaken mainstream media, and individuals like Ducky Bhai have capitalized on this transformation.

Ducky Bhai and Aroob Jatoi’s honeymoon photos leave fans breathless
Ducky Bhai’s rise to fame began with his creation of roasting videos on YouTube. The young man had no idea that his content would echo so deeply with the people of Pakistan and take him to the heights of stardom in a matter of months. Today, he boasts millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel, with his videos drawing significant attention from his fans.

Recently, Ducky Bhai tied the knot with social media influencer Aroob Jatoi in a grand ceremony held in Lahore. The wedding was a grand affair, with a considerable amount of money being spent to ensure that it was a memorable event. Sadly, it is an absolute fact that in Pakistan, YouTubers are now earning more than doctors and engineers.

The happy couple has since embarked on their honeymoon, beginning with a romantic trip to Dubai, followed by a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia for Umrah, and topping in a visit to the idyllic Phi Phi Islands in Thailand. Aroob Jatoi has been considerate enough to share glimpses of their honeymoon on social media with fans.

If you wish to catch the Pakistani YouTube sensation, Ducky Bhai, and his wife Aroob Jatoi, celebrating their honeymoon vacation in Thailand, then check out below!

Do you also believe that it is now true that a YouTube star earns more than a doctor or an engineer in Pakistan? We would love to hear your thoughts on this point. Thank you.



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