Monday, December 11, 2023

Saba Qamar get subjected to hate comments after her Bold Photoshoot

From Alizeh Shah and Ushna Shah to Saba Qamar who ever post their pics in bold clothing or in bold photoshop always gets hate comments and are target of criticism.

Sometimes the celebrities also lose control and take the mic to speak up for themselves but the keyboard warriors do not step on the break but continue giving hate to actors.

All the actors in the community either they are showbiz stars or singer faces insulting remarks when they post such kind of things.The people right now have become the digital judges and cannot stop themselves from judging anyone.

This is such a shameful thing to point a finger and make character assassination on someone.

Saba Qamar the fearless actress of Pakistan has once again uploaded her bold pictures on social media and stepped in the hot tub.Her latest pictures are going viral on internet and she has to face a lot of criticism over her dressing.

It is quite pathetic that such actress of Pakistan has to face abusing words.Her stripped yellow frock with a beautiful pose and open hair is making her look scintillating.

If you check the comment section of Saba Qamar then it is full of hate comments and bad names.We would not show you the comments of people here at an open platform.

But the good thing about this actress is that she never give her ears to these things and ignore it like it never happened.Her outclass look has always bothered netizens and but there are also some people who always support her in every decision she make. 

The true fans never step back from praising her and we are pretty sure that she knows how to fly away these haters.Saba Qamar has made a big name in Pakistani Industry by her unbeatable style and is considered one of the finest actress of Pakistan showbiz.

We want to know that what are your views on this criteria?Let us know in the comment section below.




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