Monday, December 11, 2023

Saba Qamar’s brother passed away

Saba Qamar Zaman is widely known for his brilliant performances in Pakistani drama serials.She has contributed a lot to the Pakistani drama industry and currently she is focusing more on making a name for herself in Lollywood film industry. The one good thing about Saba is that she is seen showing her appearance in all the projects which are based on real-life stories.

38 year old Saba Qamar is currently unmarried and she is searching for a good life partner.She is mostly known for her roles in drama serials like Baaghi.On the other hand, she has also gone to India and done a film with senior Indian actor Irrfan Khan.Her movie Hindi Medium received world wide praise.She adapts every role with so much ease and fit in all the characters.

Recently,a news is coming that Saba Qamar’s brother is no more in this world.Yes,the news was confirmed by Saba Qamar’s manager Meshal Cheema.Earlier,Saba Qamar posted a story in which she mentioned her brother’s name with a heartbreak emoji next to him but at that time no one knew that Munna is her brother.Later,It was confirmed by her manager Meshal who said that He is Saba’s brother and he has passed away today.If you guys also want to read the post of Saba Qamar’s manager Meshal Cheema in which he is confirming this, then check below.

Saba Qamar has not posted any story or post regarding this after her story.We will keep you updated whenever she post anything related to it.

May Allah grant him higher ranks in Jannah and give patience to Saba Qamar and his family.It is very sad and unfortunate when a young person passes away and almost all of the people can feel this.

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