Monday, December 11, 2023

Sajal Aly badly trolled for her appearance in the series Madar e Milat Fatima Jinnah

The upcoming Pakistani series Madar e Milat represents the life span of Fatima Jinnah.The difficulties that Fatima Jinnah faced to help her brother were on a next level.The series will be divided in three stages.We are going to see the bloodsheds,sweats and war again in a reel but real way.

Sajal Aly again has surprised everyone by being casted in a iconic role of Madar e Milat Fatima Jinnah.The series is on its production stage and there are few looks which came out recently and you can see them clearly.

The series is divided in 3 era’s in a sense that the role of Fatima Jinnah will be portrayed by 3 different actresses of Pakistan showbiz industry including the iconic actress Sajal  Aly,Sundus Farhan and Samiya Mumtaz.

It will basically show us the life of Fatima Jinnah from her 30s in which pre partition took place and the difficulties she faced to make Pakistan an independent country.

While the Pawri girl Dananeer aka Dania will also be seen in the series,the director did not reveal the main role of Dania Shah in the series but definitely she is going to blow our minds by her performance;Director Dania K Afzal stated.

This series is definitely going to blow our minds because of the stars that the director has chosen and the story line will definitely be so thrilling and exciting.

Sajal Aly’s look was recently out from the series in a teaser and she was trolled by people for her appearance in the series.The main reason people were saying that they have selected the wrong actress for such sacred role of Fatima Jinnah.

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