Monday, December 11, 2023

Sajal Aly looking stunning in her recent photoshoot

There was a time when there was something else about Pakistani dramas. Unique, close to reality, both hearts and minds touching stories, innovative, strong and interesting characters, especially women’s best dialogue and directing and acting, such as

Plays like loneliness, sunny shore, these say people still remember people and these are Pakistani plays that I saw not in Pakistan but in India under India.

Now, obviously, PTV did not come on TV in Srinagar and the Internet and YouTube were not in any idea at the time, but video of Pakistani dramas was a smoke of cassettes.

Well the purpose of telling you all this, with the confession of your old age, was that at one time, I was also a fan of Pakistani dramas.
Pakistani plays are obviously still made, popular, they still have more fans but now, there is a lot of criticism of Pakistani dramas.Often it seems that interesting stories have been replaced by the mother -in -law’s type story lines. Women are either a sculpture of patience, sacrifice and tears, or evil and evil.



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