Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Sana Bucha Clarifying Marriage Rumors With Shahid Afridi

Former Pakistani media TV host and actress Sana Bucha has denied her marriage with cricketer Shahid Afridi after her 5-year-old picture went viral again.

According to details, TV host Sana Bucha strongly denied the marriage rumors with Shahid Khan Afridi and said that she should not have taken a picture with the cricketer.

It may be recalled that the picture of Sana Bucha and Shahid Afridi initially went viral 5 years ago in June 2017, upon which people criticized the actress and other women in the picture with them.

This photo of former national team player Shahid Khan Afridi and Sana Bucha has gone viral on social media several times in the last five years and every time new claims have been made with the photo.

Initially, the picture of Shahid Afridi and Sana Bucha went viral in 2017, but a few days ago, the same picture was again seen on social media and rumors were also spread that the two had got married.

The rumor was claimed by several YouTube channels and social media pages, but the host, who retired from TV hosting, spoke about it and said that she regretted taking a picture with Lala 5 years ago.

Former host Sana Bucha, in an interview to a website, expressed the issue of this photo and said that this photo was taken with the cricketer along with his friends during a Suhri feast in Ramadan Sharif.

It should be noted that Shahid Khan Afridi addressed Sana Bucha as sister while thanking Sana Bucha after inviting her to Suhore on social media.

Sana Bucha said that it was a mistake to take a picture with the cricketer, but what is done is over, adding that Shahid Afridi was also nervous on this occasion.

Sana Bucha said regarding the said picture that there have been many talks about it and now she strongly condemns spreading rumors of their marriage by making it viral again.

The former host said in the interview that she has divorced her husband and I do not even remember the name and face of her ex-husband.

Actress Sana Bucha said that she has forgotten her husband and moved on and now there is no possibility of second marriage.

According to her, her father jokingly tells her that there is no such person who can marry her.

The former TV host and actress jokingly said during the interview that she is ready for second marriage but is not finding another person and if anyone is interested, he should contact me.

At the same time, he said that the person who wants to marry him should contact him.

Sana Bucha jokingly explained that the person who wants to marry her should be tall.



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