Monday, December 11, 2023

Sana Bucha Shared Pleasant Clicks Of Marriage Ceremony

This year’s Hajj was a bit unique from the point of view of women. The Saudi government ended the Muharram condition for them, which had been going on for years. As a result, Sana Bucha, a well-known journalist and anchor from Pakistan, was able to achieve the blessing of Hajj alone.

This was his second Hajj. Earlier she had performed Hajj with her brother, so she has experienced both Hajj with and without Muharram.

Sana Bucha on her return after Hajj and wanted to know the difference, she said that she did not notice much of a difference. He said: “It felt exactly like what happened with Muharram.”
The Saudi Hajj Ministry this time officially allowed women to perform the pilgrimage without a male relative, provided they go in a group. This decision is part of ongoing social reforms by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Sana Bucha says that women should have the option of performing Hajj alone, but it is better if accompanied by a man. Hajj is physically very difficult. Risk of heat stroke due to extreme heat, getting proper food, shade place, drinking adequate amount of water or not and wearing mask after covid 19 then you need someone who can help and guide you in such situation. .’

But she says that restricting Muharram to father, brother or husband creates difficulties for women. My father has performed three Hajjs. Now why should they perform the fourth Hajj for me, that may be their question.



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