Monday, December 11, 2023

Sana Javed looking breathtaking in her latest bridal shoot

Sana Javed is a Pakistani actress who appears in pakistani television dramas and serials.She was at the top of the showbiz industry at a time but reportedly she has stopped working in the industry after her marriage took place.She tied the knot with Umair Jaswal in 2020.
Sana Javed recently became the hot topic in controversy after her makeup stylists Ikram Gohar and Ryan Thomas accused her of being rude and unprofessional.There were also some other artists who accused her of unprofessional behaviour.She received a lot of hate and her videos were going viral on internet,after that she responded to people in a legal way and filed case against those who spoke out these allegations about her.Sana Javed age is 29.The topic has been closed now and we don’t know the results of her legal notice.

Sana Javed recently did photoshoot for ‘Hoor Qasim’ wearing a red wedding gown that is beautifully embressed.Sana Javed is absolutely looking breathtaking in her latest looks,she looks absolutely gorgeous.Check out her beautiful pics below.

Sana Javed is known for her excellent performance in drama serials.She has entertained people many times and one of her famous projects are Aye Mushte Khaak.It was the recent hit of actress and before that her drama ‘Khaani’ touched the top heights due to her pair with Feroze Khan in the drama.Her brilliant acting is loved by people.

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