Monday, December 11, 2023

Sana Khan expressed why she left Showbiz and turned towards Islam

Sana Khan is a former bollywood actress and she used to work in Hindi,Tamil and Telugu language based films.She was also a model and dancer.She started her career with modelling and it turned out to be good for her and she got featured in advertisements and movies.

Sana Khan was born in the year 1988 and she will become 34 in the year 2022.Sana Khan with her husband also performed Hajj this year.
Sana Khan is also active on her social media handles and she has a total of 115k followers on her instagram as you can see in the pic below.

Sana Khan left the showbiz industry for Islam and got married to Anas Syed.She has been updating her fans about her new journey through her social media handles.

Sana Khan recently confessed that why she left showbiz industry and how she turned towards Allah before she actually return to Allah.

While confessing her journey to spiritual activities she said that ‘I used to see burning grave in my dream while being in that grave.’ This scary dream somehow lead her to spiritual activities and she thought that if I did not choose the right path now,that will be her end.


After that dream she used to watch islamic lectures online and understood the importance of Hijab in a girl life.

While confessing her journey she became emotional also.This is a big lesson for us to return to God’s path right now or it will be very late for us afterwards.




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