Monday, December 11, 2023

Sanam Jung enjoying with her husband and daughter in swimming pool

It can be said that Sanam Jung is a type of actress who can adapt every role with so much ease.She is a all rounder in terms of her career as Sanam Jung is a Video Jockey,Host,actress and a model.Sanam Jung started her career as a Video Jockey and later ventured into acting.She started the trend of Good Morning Shows in Pakistan and no one could compete with her show back in the past.

But currently,Sanam Jung rarely appears in any drama serial and she has probably left hosting shows.Sanam Jung is currently enjoying her personal time with family.
It should be noted that the gorgeous actress tied the knot with Syed Abdul Qassam Jafri in the year 2016.They both were blessed with a beautiful daughter whom they have named Alaya Jafri.If we look at the age of Sanam Jung then she is full 34 right now and was born in 1988.

It should be noted that Sanam Jung runs a youtube channel now a days named as ‘Sanam Jung Official’.She posts some vlogs once or twice in a month and connect with her fans.Sanam keeps an Instagram account as well with around 2 million followers.

Recently,Sanam Jung posted some pictures with her daughter on her Social media handle and It was a swimming competition of Sanam Jung’s daughter in her school.Alaya’s Khala and her mother Sanam Jung were there to praise her and cheer up.Her father was also present their for the support.So lets take a look at the pictures.

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