Monday, December 11, 2023

Sarwat gillani is expecting her child

Talking about mental health, Sarwat Gilani said, “Such issues are not highlighted on the media but it is time to talk seriously.”Sarwat Gilani is currently in London to attend a ceremony organized by the British Asian Trust, the organization is also working on mental health issues in Pakistan.

In the past, the organization has also announced the appointment of actress Mahira Khan and Sanam Saeed as ambassador to South Asia to run a mental health campaign.Sarwat Gilani praised the charity’s work during an interview with Dawn, saying, “There is a dire need for mental health campaign.

Sarwat Gilani recently participated in the TV program limit where he discussed the content of film, drama and the intention of getting into politics.Referring to the reason for not working in TV dramas at the beginning of the program, Sarwat Gilani said that he has worked in the Pakistani industry for the past 20 years but since he started talking about women and children’s education and women’s rights. Has she cannot play the role of a girl who is hitting the drama in TV dramas.

He said, “It cannot be that on a platform I am saying not to raise hands on the woman and in the evening I am busy shooting the role that raises a hand on the woman.



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