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Shohaib Akhtar shares some beautiful old pictures with family

Shohaib Akhtar has made his nation proud even internationally.He is still a hero in many hearts and he will always be an hero for this nation.Shohaib Akhtar has served the nation from the starting of his career without thinking of any self benefits.

Shohaib Akhtar was the first person in cricket to break the barrier of 100mph fast bowling twice in his career life.After this amazing achievement,he was given the title of Rawalpindi Express which is basically the name of a particular train.

Tho Shohaib Akhtar has not the same energy now but he still tries to regain his old form.In personal life he is still fit and fine.Few days back, Shohaib Akhtar underwent leg surgery in Australia and he asked for prayers from people and his fans.He was in great pain after the surgery and he informed it through his instagram account.There was a time when all of the cricket batsmen were scared of his bowling because he has injured many batsmen by his fast bowling.

The casters often discuss about Shohaib Akhtar on the desk because he has made a big name in the world of cricket.

It confirms that Shohaib Akhtar is a gem after he gifted gold earrings to his mother from his first earning.That is the reason he is very successful now because Shohaib Akhtar knows how to respect parents.

After retiring from the world of cricket,he is now officially the coach of Pakistani cricket team and helps them in building synergy.Keeping aside cricket,he is also planning to launch NFT under his name.


But in today’s article we will take a look on some beautiful pictures of Shohaib Akhtar with his wife Rubab and his family.Shohaib Akhtar marriage took place with Rubab in 2014 and he has one son from his wife Muhammad Mikaeel Ali.Take a look on these pictures.




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