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Some lovely moments of Nadia Khan with her adopted son

Nadia Khan is a very popular actress and host of Pakistani showbiz industry and she has contributed a lot towards Pakistani industry.Nadia Khan is mostly recognized for her Good Morning Show named as Nadia Khan show.She has got critical acclaim for her portrayal of Kinza in Aisi hay Tanhayi.

If we talk about the age of gorgeous actress Nadia Khan,then she is currently 51 years old but she still manages to look like she is living in her 30s.It should be noted that Nadia Khan has married twice in her life.Her first marriage was with Khawar Iqbal with whom she has 2 children.In 2020,Nadia Khan married for the second time with Faisal Mumtaz Rao,It was the third marriage of Faisal Mumtaz Rao.

When she married with Faisal Mumtaz,Nadia Khan also adopted a son whom she named as Kiaan.She treats Kiaan as her own real son and Nadia Khan loves him a lot.Recently,Nadia Khan showed her appearance in a interview where she spoke about her youngest son Kiaan.

Nadia Khan said that ‘I adopted Kiaan but I do not want to say this.I am just saying this for the people who criticize me’.Nadia further added that people ask her why she adopted a son when she already had 2 sons from her first marriage and she replied to these comments by saying that ‘I do not want to reply these questions because Kiaan is my soul’.It should be noted that Nadia Khan adopted her when he was only 20 days old.

If we talk about the Instagram handle of Nadia Khan,then she has a total of 958k followers on it as of 2022.Nadia Khan is a very beautiful and fascinating actress of Pakistan.She is often seen active on her instagram handle.

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