Monday, December 11, 2023

Some Unseen Viral Pictures Of Tuba Shah Ex Wife Of Amir Liaquat

Living in this virtual world, the only reliable source left to gather information about something is the internet. In this era of click-baiting, users often reach a conclusion which leaves others in utter shock, literally. Celebrity gossips and stories related to known personalities from around the world pile up on social media and their fan following is massively entertained.

The famous TV host and also a member of Pakistan’s National Assembly, late Aamir Liaquat got married again last year which created huge chaos over the media. Aamir’s second wife Tuba, was a part of his Ramzan Transmissions team when they got into an affair 5 years back and then got married last year. The news of their marriage came out as a surprise for the awaam and for his first wife Bushra, as well. Apparently, the couple still manages to steal the limelight by their ‘lovey-dovey’ attitude they display on the screen.

Getting along with a controversial personality of the country, Tuba Aamir also makes it to the news very often. In the ongoing craze of the Cricket World Cup, many major disputes broke out among Pakistan Cricket Team. Indian Tennis Star Sania Malik also became a victim of internet abuse after pictures of some Pakistani players in a sheesha cafe went viral. Pakistani actress Veena Malik also jumped into the matter and faced an epic response from the tennis star. Later on, Tuba Aamir also intervened into the ongoing feud and quoted gave a befitting reply to Veena Malik.

Well, recently the Pakistani awaam’s ‘tharak’ lead to an unusual set of pictures when a Persian adult film actress was discovered. Within a jiffy, our tharki awaam identified the uncanny resemblance between Liaquat’s second wife Tuba and the ‘fahash Persian adult film artist’. The ‘proud find’ of a beloved Pakistani was then uploaded on the internet comparing both the personalities. Some naive Pakistanis are even assuming that she’s Tuba herself, tauba tauba!

Apparently, Tuba Aamir’s name is being ruined in all this fuss when she shouldn’t even be involved in it. Defaming someone without any pure evidence never did good to anyone. The Pakistani awaam is now expecting Tuba to respond on the matter.



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