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Tamasha Ghar runner up Mareeha Safder most stunning pics with husband

Tamasha Ghar was a reality show of Pakistan which was hosted by well known actor Adnan Siddiqui.It was probably the first every reality show of Pakistan and It was very successful.Tamsha Ghar’s first episode was premiered on 20th august 2022.Those who are the fans of Indian reality show Bigg Boss,loved it a lot and said that It was the replica of Bigg Boss.

It should be noted that the grand finale of reality show Tamasha Ghar was aired on 1st of october 2022 where Umer Aalam won the title of Tamasha Ghar winner and Mareeha Safder became the runner up.For those who don’t know,Tamasha Ghar was aired on ARY Digital.Tho the show could not compete with Bigg Boss but It was a wonderful effort by the team.

Mareeha Safder was one of the most strong and powerful contestants of Tamasha Ghar which lead her to the 2nd position.Mareeha always stood by the right decisions which made her one of the most loved contestants of Tamasha Ghar.

But in today’s article,we will look at some of the most astonishing, stunning and scintillating pictures of Mareeha Safder with her husband.Mareeha Safder is a very beautiful lady and people like her a lot.Her fan following is increasing day by day and If we talk about her current stats,she has around 85k followers on Instagram.So lets take a look at beautiful pictures of Mareeha Safder who is the runner up of reality show Tamasha Ghar.

The show ran for almost 43 days where as Bigg Boss runs for around 3 or 4 months.We are sure that ARY Digital will undoubtedly host the show once again with its next season and It will be even more exciting than before.

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