Monday, December 11, 2023

TikTok celebrity Dr Madiha Khan shared some lavishing pics with her husband

Pakistani TikTok star and doctor by profession Madiha Khan tied the knot with his friend cum partner MJ Ahsan.They both shared their lavishing wedding pictures on their social media handles which has got millions of followers on it.Now according to sources they both are expecting a baby child but none of them have revealed this happy news with their fans,they will surely share it at the right time.

If we talk about the Instagram handle of Dr Madiha Khan,then she has a total of 2.3 million followers on it whereas her husband MJ Ahsan has got 1 million followers.

Recently,the scintillating duo shared some beautiful pictures together and they both were looking fascinating with each other as it can be seen in the pics below.Dr Madiha Khan wore a blue dress and MJ Ahsan adapted a black suit.

Madiha Khan was looking extremely gorgeous and beautiful in her blue dress and It seemed that the dress is only made for her.So lets take a look at their amazing pictures with each other below.

For those who don’t know,Dr Madiha Khan and MJ Ahsan got married back in the year 2022 and they both are living a happy life together.

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