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Top class showbiz stars who advanced their look to the top after wearing saree

Saree is basically an indian tradition of dressing style and now many people are adapting this style.It is the most elegant and beautiful array from which one can never get old.Here are a few of the actresses who are just phenomenal when it comes to carrying a saree.

Naimal Khawar
Scintillating, astonishing and gorgeous actress Naimal Khawar looks beautiful in whatever she adapts but she is taking her Saree look to a next level and we just can’t get our eyes off from her look.Recently,the actress uploaded her photographs in which she is carrying s green silk saree and looking mesmerising.

Mahira Khan
Mahira Khan comes in the list of most beautiful actresses of Pakistan.Mahira Khan is often seen wearing a saree and her style just cannot go wrong in terms of it.Hira Mani shared a picture of Mahira Khan in which she is seen wearing a radiating red saree and she captioned the story as she is definitely a trendsetter for now and always.

Dur e Fishan Saleem
Dur e Fishan is a new emerging face in the Pakistani showbiz industry and her ongoing drama Kaise Teri Khudgarzi is breaking records.Dur-e-Fishan Saleem looked extremely stunning on the red carpet of Lux Style Awards 2021 adapting a purple silk saree with some natural makeup done.People just cannot stop adoring her look.

Saboor Aly
Saboor Aly was criticized by the keyboard warriors for wearing a saree but just take a glance at the picture,Saboor Aly is looking extremely gorgeous and beautiful in her saree look and specially the smile she is wearing is advancing her overall look to the top.Saboor also confirmed in an interview that she is very fond of wearing sarees.

Hania Aamir
When it comes to style, beauty and talent,Hania Aamir always remains on the top.Dimple queen Hania Aamir blew everyone’s mind by wearing a gold colour saree in her recent pictures.She is extremely looking like a doll in the pictures.

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