Friday, December 15, 2023

Umar Akmal Adorable Clicks With Lovely Wife

Umar Akmal is a player of the Pakistan cricket team who has been the butt of jokes on social media users due to his long absence from the team. No matter how good a post they make, users don’t hesitate to make fun of it.

This time around, he shared a photo with his wife on the happiest occasion of his life, sharing a picture with his wife and sending a loving message. He was congratulated by his fellow cricketers, but social media users also “researched” it. He took out such an aspect that a storm of laughter broke out.

Sharing the photo, Omar Akmal wrote, “No one can defeat the miracles of your love. You have brightened my day. Knowing that you are mine makes me feel very lively . Happy wedding anniversary . My lovely wife!!!”

After this message came out, Wahab Riaz, a newcomer from the team, went to congratulate everyone.

After that, Fawad Alam, who did not make a place in the team even after a long period of 9 years, also congratulated him

A user named Umar Arshad was surprised at Umar Akmal’s English and decided to do research. It was found out that Umar Akmal found a good message on the internet to congratulate him on his wedding anniversary and then released it on Twitter. Umair wrote, “Brother, at least write the message yourself.”

Farhan Siddiqui wrote, “Give Umar Akmal a score of 10 out of 10 for copying and pasting exactly. If he wished me a happy birthday on my wedding anniversary. ”

A user named Irfan Khan shared a picture of Umar Akmal holding a goat to his chest and wrote, “Please use the real picture.”

Hussein Jalaluddin wrote: “At least ask your wife if she feels the same way. I am very sorry for that. ”

“Just tell me who wrote the message,” Karim wrote.

Aqeel wrote “Thank you !!! Brother was going to write the anniversary. ”



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