Monday, December 11, 2023

Unseen pictures of Sania Mirza with her ex husband went viral on internet

Sania Mirza is a very popular tennis player from India.She is a professional tennis player with some major awards in this field.Sania was also ranked as No.1 in single tennis from India but right now It seems like she has taken retirement from Tennis and is currently focusing on her family.

Professional tennis player Sania Mirza is currently hitched with Shoaib Malik who is considered as one of the legendary cricketers from Pakistan.Sania tied the knot with Shoaib in the year 2010 and they are living a happy life together.

Well,It should be noted that Sania Mirza was engaged with her childhood friend Sohrab Mirza but unfortunately their marriage did not last long and in the end they both parted their ways,the reason is said to be lack of mutual understanding.A year later,Shoaib Malik came in her life and It is surely the best thing happened to Sania Mirza in her whole life.Sania Mirza since then is playing an important role in the life of Shoaib Malik.

But in today’s article,You will find some of the unseen pictures of Sania Mirza with her ex husband Sohrab Mirza.The reason for their breakup is said to be that her in laws wanted her to leave her career and completely focus on her husband and family for which Sania was not ready at that time.They broke up in 2009 and later she got hitched with Shoaib Malik.One should be strong enough to take your life’s decisions. No one should influence your decisions.

Lets have a look at some old photographs of Sania Mirza with her ex husband Sohrab Mirza.Dont forget to tell us how did you guys find this article in the comment section below.



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