Monday, December 11, 2023

Urwa Hussain and Farhan Saeed expecting their first child

Actress Aroha Hussain has responded vaguely, refusing to explain the divorce issue with Farhan Saeed, whether it is insufficient for people that they respect each other.

Farhan Saeed and Aroh Hussain had initially reported differences in November 2020, later separation and then divorce, and since then the two have not been seen together but on October 18 last month, both of them ‘. The touch button was seen together during the film’s promotion.

Although both were together in the promotion of the film, the two were seen taking careful attitude, which led to the differences between them.Actress Aroha Hussain said that these days, cricket seems to be taking a lot of interest and she is expressing her comments on social media.

The actress posted on the X yesterday and congratulated the Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team on the victory against South Africa.
He said that this news made me happy, I want to win this way for Pakistan, regardless of every sex in every field.



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