Monday, December 11, 2023

Ushna Shah birthday pics becomes a troll topic for weird pose of Usman Mukhtar

One of the most astonishing actress of Pakistan Ushna Shah was recently seem celebrating her birthday party.Ushna shah always gets trolled and faces criticism for her inappropriate dressing and becomes a troll topic for memes.Ushna Shah shared her birthday party pics with actor Usman Mukhtar.

They both are considered as one of the finest actors from Pakistani Drama industry.Ushna was donning a pink colour short gown and Usman Mukhtar was wearing a decent coat and was giving an amazing look.

As you can see the picture below Usman Mukhtar is doing a funny pose with weirs expressions.

Just like everyone,Ushna Shah and Usman Mukhtar received hate against the picture of usman Mukhtar posing a funny expression and the keyboard warrior did not stop themselves from making hate comments.

Ushna is such a great fashion diva,She recently worked in the drama Parizaad and gained a lot of fame from it for her beautiful play.

People are assuming that Usman Mukhtar can never behave like a mature guy and his leg style is bothering the people a lot.They even received comments like Usman Mukhtar should go to gym and do some leg exercises.

Ushna Shah turned 32 recently,born in 1990 but she still looks like a 20 year old girl.We are wishing Ushna Shah a very happy birthday and giving her blessings for her future.

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