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Wahaj Ali with his beautiful wife

Pictures are viral on social media along with the famous Pakistani, beautiful actor Wahaj Ali’s family.Wahaj Ali, who is famous for Geo Entertainment’s drama serial ‘Tai Bin’, has attracted the attention of Internet users and drama fans.In this case, the actor who touches the new heights of fame wants to know more and more about her family.

Beautiful pictures with her daughter are viral on social media on the occasion of the EidThe actor has white in these pictures while his daughter is dressed in black.On the other hand, several pictures and videos from actor Wahaj Ali’s screening of the film ‘Teri Mary Stories’ are also viral on social media.

These pictures can also be seen with his wife, Sana Farooq, along with other stars.
Nowadays actor Wahaj Ali is shadowing the TV screen because of his two plays. The drama was in the role of Murtum in Teri Bin and I loved me. Until some people think that these characters are the best character of their lives that will make them identify, but if we look at the career of the Whaj, our estimates are a bit different.

Drama dragged strip love Ramsha Khan played the lead role in the drama dragging beloved in love. If this drama was called the most different drama in Pakistani history, nothing would be wrong- in this play, Whaj Ali played the role of a young man who married Ramsha Khan against his mother’s will but his own. He could not give his wife the rights to her in front of her mother.

On the other hand, his wife, Ramsha Khan, was a very strong girl who had all the expectations from her husband who had a wife with her husband. Even in this play, Wahaj Ali was always trying to please his wife, which was mostly unsuccessful, and eventually his wife divorces them and separated.

There is also the limit of playing the same characterDrama I lovedFrom the beginning of the play in Saad’s role, it felt that this was the character that was probably written by Wahaj Ali. Sharif, the role of Saad, who is the sacrifice of the sacrifice, is once again a matching character with the personality of Wahaj.

First, as a lover, ready to give his love to someone else and accidentally, even when he gets married, he still looks forward to a wife’s gesture to divorce her when she speaks.The same character actor’s success or failure



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