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Wasay Chaudhry Most Epic Photos With Family

Wasay Chaudhry is one of the leading hosts in Pakistan and his program ‘Mazak Raat’ is very popular among the people. But perhaps few listeners know that apart from acting and hosting, the writers of two of the three best films in the Pakistani film industry are vast.

She has a cute wife and he lives happy life with kids. Here we are sharing some photos of wasay Chaudhary and his faimly.

Pakistan Showbiz Industry Medal Distinguished Actress Mahesh Hayat scolds TV host Wasi Chaudhry for mocking fellow actor Ahmed Ali Butt’s obesity.

According to the details, the actress recently participated in the TV show “Panic is forbidden” which is being hosted by Wasi Chaudhry. During the program, they were asked various questions.

Wasi Chaudhry, referring to the most popular Turkish drama Ertugrul, asked Mahosh that if such a drama was made here, who would you like to see in the role of “Ertugrul Ghazi”?

In response, the actress named Humayun Saeed and Fahad Mustafa.

Wasi further asked who can improve the character of Ertugrul’s teammates like Turgat and Bamsi, on which Mahesh Hayat named actor Ahmed Ali Butt.

After mentioning the name of Ahmed Ali Butt, Wasi Chaudhry mocked his obesity and said that Ahmed Ali Butt also ran on horseback.

On this, Mahesh Hayat got angry with Wasi Chaudhry and said, “Have you not seen Ahmed Ali Butt? He is very fit now and you should stop talking in front of me about someone’s obesity.”

Actress Mahosh has clearly said that you are friends but do it all in friends. When you are sitting with your friends, talk to each other about the physical characteristics of your friends but when you are on a public platform. And you will talk like this and people will listen to you and then they will repeat what you said, then a dispute arises and you will be responsible for it.



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