Monday, December 11, 2023

Yumna zaidi won five award in LSA

The ceremony of Pakistan’s mega entertainment award was held in Karachi today where the galaxy of showbiz stars came.The twentieth Lux Style Awards ceremony was organized in Karachi where showbiz personalities scattered on the red carpet.

Fashion designer Ali Zasan once again stunned people with his unique dressing, Ali Zeeshan, who hails from the fashion industry, said that the showbiz industry not only affected other sectors but also the fashion industry

Showbiz stars praised the Pakistan team for the Cricket World Cup at the Lux Style Awards. Ahmed Ali Butt said that there are high hopes for Babar Azam and Zaman Khan, I wish our cricket team should defeat India on its soil.

Singer Bilal Maqsood also gave the Pakistani team to keep morale, saying that while playing in India, the Pakistan cricket team will have to take care that their fours will not be clapped because there will be no Pakistani spectators. ۔
Many stars in color and light kept their fans with their adornment costumes.

Ijaz Aslam and actress Reema expressed hope for the better future of the showbiz industry, where actress Reema came to Karachi to attend the award only from the United States, where Ijaz Aslam said that the Lux Style Award is getting bigger every year.

Fahd Mustafa, Meera Sethi, Ahmad Butt and Saba Qamar performed the duties of hosting the twentieth Lux Style Award.Awards were given to people from other fields of showbiz industry, including actors and singers who performed well in film, drama and music.In the category of Best TV dramas, the drama Gender Ahn was awarded the award, while Yemeni Zaidi won the Best TV actress award.



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