Monday, December 11, 2023

Yumna Zaidi looking gorgeous in her new photoshoot

Yumna Zaidi is undoubtedly the one of the finest and youngest actress and Drama Star of Pakistan.She is known for her many dramas just like Ishq e laa,which is an ongoing drama on HUM Tv in which she plays as a middle class girl chasing her dream to become a doctor.

She has made her name in the Pakistan Drama Industry with respect.Yumna Zaidi has also won many awards including Lux Style Awards.

Now a days,Yumna Zaidi is becoming more famous and gaining attention as she appears in the drama Parizaad,this drama is a massive hit and its last episode literally made people cry.

For that reason Yumna is getting a lot of offers from different clothing brands to promote their brand as she also have a large number of followers on her instagram as you can see her id below.

Her latest photoshop is for the brand RangRasiya on their collection Pyar Key Dhage.Yumna is looking extremely gorgeous in their collection.Have a look at Yumna’s pics.

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